Coralie is a quilt maker, textile artist and homeware designer. She specialises in patchwork quilting with an emphasis on colour play. She is interested in modern quilting and uses colour and negative space, drawing inspiration from a huge range of sources including music, urban architecture and her travels. Her departure from traditional styles combines with an age old art form with a modern twist that fits right into today’s homes.

Coralie is an experienced teacher, helping adults with sewing machine techniques and delivering creative workshops to young people disengaged from mainstream education. She finds huge satisfaction in encouraging others to explore their own creative ideas in a very hands-on way that offers a gentle antidote to the pressures of the digital age.

Coralie would be delighted to take on commission work so do get in touch if there is something she can help with.

You can read an interview on the Folksy blog with Coralie where she discusses her inspiration and the importance of craft in today’s world.